Museum of H.H.Neuhaus

In 1996 the Museum of H. Neuhaus was opened in the H. Neuhaus Music School, with the main  exhibition of  “H.Neuhaus and his students”.

Opening of the H.Neuhaus museum. (L.Naumov – in the center, on the right – M.Neuhaus)

The museum contains materials about the life and work of the great pianist and teacher and his students, who represented Neuhaus piano school. The museum also has a piano of this distinguished musician, received as a gift from the family of H. Neuhaus.

There are unique, including the unreleased audio and video recordings of H. Neuhaus and outstanding pianists of the XX century -students  of H. Neuhaus: Neuhaus C., Richter, E. Gilels , A.N. Vedernikov, T. D. Gutman in the museum. There are also a few artistic photo portraits of H. Neuhaus and S. Richter, A. Leavitt, which were made in Kiev in the 60th year of the last century and donated to the museum.

At an international symposium in Cologne (Germany) in October 1998, dedicated to the 110 th anniversary of H. Neuhaus, our Music School was represented by methodological development program, which defined ways to improve and develop children’s primary education and its place in the music of vocational education in Russia.

Participants of the international symposium in Cologne (Germany), October 1998

H. Neuhaus Music School in conjunction with the publishing house “Classic-XXI» initiated the publication in 2001-2004 the collection of three volumes of pedagogical, musical and literary heritage of H.Neuhaus, as well as memorials by his contemporaries and students. Many of the materials that were in private collections, have been published for the first time, some memorials have been written specifically for this edition.

The museum (which is the only museum in Moscow dedicated to H. Neuhaus) regularly hosts meetings with famous musicians and singers, lectures about the life and activity of H. Neuhaus and outstanding musicians of his piano school.

Proceedings of the museum were used by Russian TV channel “Culture” for a movie “Master Heinrich ” (2003).

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